We, here at CHS TV & Audio pride ourselves on customer service and the quality of our products. The new revolution of high definition television has raised the bar in the industry to a new level. It takes us far beyond today’s standard video and audio capabilities. The future is here today!

What is HDTV?

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HDTV stands for high definition television, and it is just that. This is a different type of signal and picture quality, audio and format than what is traditionally seen through out the country. To put it simply HDTV signal can produce six times the amount of information that a current cable, antenna, or satellite signal can bring into your home. This translates to unbelievable detail and clarity of your favorite programs.

How are HDTVs different from my current TV?

Current televisions have the ability to show pictures made up of 525 lines of resolution. The HD television can create 1080 lines with an even wider viewing surface. Around 300,000 pixel dots make up a picture on your current television. With HDTV over 2 million pixels are produced. This in turn gives you the added information to produce the impeccable clarity and detail. HD televisions are also usually wide screen (16×9) formatted, similar to a cinema screen. Most televisions are in the standard (4×3) format. The reason for the change in the design of HD televisions from the standard to wide screen is because the HDTV signal is broadcast in the wide screen format. This gives you a much larger viewing area exactly as the filmmaker intended.

If I buy an HD television can I start viewing HD programming?

Not exactly. Just because you purchase a television that is HD or HD ready doesn’t mean you are seeing high definition. In order to put your new HD television to work you must first have the proper equipment in place to receive the HD broadcast. HDTV is broadcast via terrestrial antenna, multi-sat HD satellite systems, HD cable systems, and HD VHS players.

How do I know what HD television to buy? What equipment do I need at my house to make it all work?

That is where we come in. CHS TV & Audio has been a leader in providing the latest high-tech electronics available since we started in 1959. We have seen numerous changes through out our three generations of business. We have always provided a wealth of information and the latest equipment necessary to make you an informed consumer. We handle a full line of HD and HD ready televisions. With names like Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic you can be rest assured that you are getting the best! We also handle and install everything from digital antennas to HD satellite systems to bring the future to your home today. Contact us today to see the exciting possibilities in your area. The sky’s the limit with CHS TV & Audio!

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